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About Us..

Working with Families

Every child is entitled to a safe, happy, secure childhood. At Home-Start Corby we believe parents know their children best and we will work together with families to ensure that their children are given a good start in life and are able to achieve their full potential. Our volunteers are highly skilled and receive regular ongoing training and supervision. This enables them to work with families in a way that feels safe. Volunteers are also parents themselves so are no strangers to the complex feelings stirred up in parents during parenting.This knowledge of parenting is fundamental to the ethos of Home-Start. Everybody finds it hard to cope at times for all sorts of reasons, from illness, bereavement, post-natal illness or loneliness. Our volunteers are able to engage with families in a way that builds on their resilience and what is already working well for them.











A Volunteer will....

  • Visit a family in their own home for 2-3 hours a week, fr as long as that family need them or until there are no longer children under 5 in the family.
  • Offer emotional support if they are struggling.
  • Play, talk, have fun with the children.
  • Walk to the park or accompany to appointments.
  • Help the family to access other services that would be of help to them, including Children's Centres.
  • Advise on budgeting and routines if required.
  • Be someone the family can rely upon and not judge.
  • Help to build confidence in their parenting to enable them to build that same confidence in their children.

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 Registered Charity Number: 1109674 Company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales No: 5383923. Patron: HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy, KG, GCVO. Local Patron: Mrs James Saunders Watson. 
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